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Trails Of Doom
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Why fall/winter/spring only? Well, almost all of my players are dads like me. We are super busy with our kids during this time of year and the summer. Besides, once the leaves come out at my field it is too hard to see any distance at all. And our field is too big to try and play close quarters combat, we have tried it before, but you would play an entire game and walk the whole time, and never see another player from the other team!... Or if you did, you would be so close by the time you saw them that it just wasn't safe.

If the leaves haven't come out yet, you can see across the field which really keeps the games going fast paced. Most of our games are under 10 minutes total. As you can see from my videos, many are around 5 minutes. Which is perfect, cause I get shot out first often, and I HATE sitting around waiting for the next game to start! lol.

Plus the bugs get crazy in the summer... and I'm just too busy to schedule and host an event then.

If I want to play in the summer, I just head over to paintball junkeez. Last year I never got time to head over there...

Trails of Doom is a private field in my backyard, near Oxford Ohio. We have a facebook page that shows our location on a map. It is invite only, you gotta know me or one of the other players to get in. We have a core group of friends that make it an amazing place to play... No refs, no wiping, no cheating... We play if you are hit you are out, regardless of breaks, so it isn't like a public field.

I wish I could open it up to the public, but I have to keep it friends only to work with my insurance policy...
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