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Quick Recap: People were great, the refs were amazing (they busted their butts in that oppressive heat for us and did a great job), the fields were good, the chrono line moved very fast, I never had to wait long to fill my tank, and the paint was awesome (I used the Ultra Evil).

Ultra Evil = No Breaks in barrel. Worked flawlessly all day Saturday.

I loved being a Ripper. More fun than one could imagine. The Blue side used us properly. They struck a deal with us and formed an alliance that lasted until 4:00 PM. (Two hours total). We helped. I gave folks fair warning about it ending at 4:00 over and over. Well, very few listened, and when 4:00 came, and the Rippers turned to kill who they wanted.

That third team really kept the game in check and made sure no one side had a strict advantage. I'd like to think we were doing our jobs properly when neither red or blue liked us.


So while the game is in full effect, the HK Army guys decided to use one of the towns to film some video shots. They STOPPED us from entering into the area so they could do their video. While it didn't last too long, I paid to be there. It's in bounds and where I should be playing, and in the end stopped me from completing a mission I was on.

I don't know who allowed that to happen or ok'd that, but that was not cool.


Now, back to the good stuff

Field layout:

Was very good. The "bottle neck" with the pavilions of last year was fixed. Thank you guys. The game moved back and forth very smoothly.

I'd love to see a similar set up on both field layout and team dynamics again next year.

EDIT: Oh, and there are a TON more MCBers there than I ever imagined. Very good to see that many folks make it.
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