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I ended up picking up a Luma. Haven't spent a day carrying the camera yet, but I already have some feelings on this strap.

Pro: much longer then the stock canon, I can carry it over the shoulder comfortably and still be able to move the camera into position. Has a couple of options for ways to mount it and has the easy adjust cinch (which I haven't found reason to use). seems overall well constructed and price was reasnable and delivery was well under the two week built time they indicated.

cons: I find the shoulder pad a bit narrow, I have a feeling after a day of use I might be wishing it was just a bit wider and thicker even on my T1i + 15-85 (so not a super heavy setup).

other obeservations: Although the standard mounting is from the tripod screw and one strap point, I ended up just using the strap points due to not wanting to keep taking off my tripod mounting plate. Camera still slings and carries ok for me. Overall for the price, I consider this a big upgrade over the stock strap just for being able to comfortably sling it over my shoulder instead of all the weight on my neck. however, were I doing it again I might look more at other straps or even sew my own now that I am getting a better idea of what I really want.
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