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I hate tippmann 98's.

YES I owned one, yes they are fine for rentals. But they are aweful in comparison to many markers on the market today, Every shop with a 98 should liquidate every single one they own. Then use the money to buy FT-12's They work a billion times better for a rental/first gun

The 98's make me sad face due to: Open side cocking knob thingy. I hate it. dirt always gets inside of it and always makes it gross. the rubber knob at some point always falls off (interesting enough after 5 years I still have my rubber knob)

Off set feed: off set feed was SO COOL on old school markers. (IE Pre 2k cockers. old phantoms, Sheridan based markers) But 98's are not old school. they are just. Old.

The spring under the feedneck latch: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

They are long, heavy, silly markers.

Every rental field should be liquidate them to buy new rental markers, such as
Azodin Kaos's,
what ever else they can find that isnt a 98 or a 98 clone (BT-4)

Yes the BT-4 might be different in your eyes, sure they have a few different things. but they operate in the same way, look the same. they are clones.
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