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Originally Posted by Tom Hering View Post
I got the chance, a few months later, to see a VHS tape that Line SI sent out to its dealers. It featured R.A. pretty much telling dealers that any problem an owner had with the Promaster was due to the fact that the owner just didn't have a clue. If they heard something that sounded like the ocean when they put their ear up to the gun, well, "maybe it really is the ocean they're hearing - ha ha ha." Seriously.
That doesn't surprise me. The guy was very unprofessional, and I started off being nice; he never was. He did take them back to work on again, but guess what, they still didn't work. Now, I will say that once the owners switched hands pretty soon after that, the gentleman that bought the company (I can't remember his name anymore...was it Jerry?) completely rebuilt my gun with a whole new body and internals and tried to make the gun work (the other guys' guns were long gone). He succeeded in making it work longer without the sear wearing out, but it still did. He was able to stop it from leaking from everywhere. When the gun worked, it was accurate and had a high rate of fire, for the time period.

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