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Thank you from Viper

I just want to take a moment say thank you to everyone that made this weekend what it was...amazing.

To Paul Dagnino, Sean Scott, and Craig Miller: Your vision gave birth to the most amazing paintball event anywhere. Your original idea has blossomed into something truly unique and beyond compare. Living Legends is a place where teh players, the industry, and those who got us here can all get together and share their love of this great sport. It's good for teh players, and it's great for teh community as a whole.

CPX Sports is the most incredible paintball venue on the planet...period. I am proud ot be producing this unique event at what is truly the Disney World of paintball. Thank you to The Dagninos and their staff for working so hard, year after year, to take the best care of the players possible, and for bringing me up to produce Living Legends.

To the Senior Refs: Wow! For two years in a row you have made a huge difference in this event that players not only notice, but rave and cheer about. You are truly amazing.

To the CPX refs and support staff: I know this is the only scenario event you deal with all year, yet you all pull together and do all you can to make sure teh players get teh best paintball weekend of their year.

To the NPPL: Thanks for joining us every year at Living Legends and making it the most unique event anywhere. The chance for players to have fun alongside their tournament heroes creates great memories and stories for a lot of Living Legends players.

To the "Legends" and industry folks: It's great to see people like Jim Lively, Dan Colby, Paintball Dave, Happy Holton, and all of the others who come out to share their stories and laughs with us all. It's great seeing you at an event and having fun.

And, finally, to the players...both the first-timers and the return players: Thanks for choosing to come spend the weekend with us, and each other. More importantly, thanks for "getting it." One of the greatest things about Living Legends is how welcoming the players are, how they treat each other, and how everyone understands how to get together and create fun memories playing the sport we love with some of the most amazing paintballers from around the world.

I know the scoring issue, and the resulting issues, disappointed many this year. There is another thread for that, and I can assure you that it won't happen again. But this thread isn't about that. It's about how proud I am to be part of this event with so many people from the staff to the players, all focused on enjoying each other's company while participating in the best game in the world...paintball!

See you all soon!
Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry
Event Director: Viper Paintball

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