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Originally Posted by Lt.Snowpuff View Post
I have the same problem but with the finger release, today i went to take my first shot and my mag flew out smokeing me in the left testical... I turned my spring/hook thing 180 dagrees played with it for 2 hours then my mag started flying out again and I had to try to play by holding my mag release with my left hand...I dont know what else to do.. it keeps onmakeing my spring move in a way that makes my mag release not fully springedd out after the mag is fully in, like I can wiggle my mag out with ease.
Honestly this one had me a little stumped, but I figured out what the issue is. Tiberius never designed the spring arm to function with an index finger release. When you install the index finger release the spring arm is putting too much tension on the mag release and makes it stick.

Here is a simple test for you to try to see if the spring arm is applying too much tension on the mag release.

Install the mag release, but leave the spring arm in the large slot where the mag slides through. The spring arm should not be touching the mag release and the mag release should slide smoothly back and forth.

Here is a picture to illustrate what I'm talking about. See how the spring arm is not appluing any pressure to the mag release.

If your spring arm IS pushing down on the mag release take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend it out a little bit. The spring arm is pretty strong so don't worry. I was twisting and bending mine for over an hour trying to figure this out.

Push the spring arm into place and test it. The mag release should operate much better and be snap back into place without sticking.

Use the needle nose pliers to push the hook of the spring arm into place. It will fit.

Let me know if this solves your problem. My mag release actually works much better now.

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