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new guy to the forum.

hello vm fans. Hope i can learn more about my gun here and i hope you guys can also help me out with my gun. I have been using a vm-68 since 94, i was 12years old. the VM was the gun of choice for me because i was an assault player i loved the gun. then in 02 the A-5 came out, and the technology with the e-grip and cyclone and the way i played, i had to buy it. but the VM still got palyed with as a support gun. as i got older i played a game here and there. just recently i played a game of paintball in witch i havent played in 2 years i realized that i am no longer an assault player. i am out of shape and too fat to be sprinting across a field or too a bunker. so now i turning myself into a support guy. and now thats where you guys come in to help me out with my gun. i want to strictly use my VM an i want to get it a little up to date. so i am open to suggestions on what i sould do to my gun. i still use my original gun i bought in 94. but i have a brand new vm-68 that i bought NEW in the box I must have shot 25 rounds threw it in the since i bought it just to make sure it worked still and didnt leak. i also my be resurrecting some old vm treads also. so any help would be awsone.
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