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RT Classic Tech help

Hello all,

I'm new to mags... I'd always wanted an RT, and recently picked up a clean, but "needing mechanical TLC" RT Classic.

I've been reading what I can find, but since it's kind of an odd beast, not sharing many parts with the other style valve, I'm having trouble diagnosing. I'll leave some notes here in this thread in hopes someone can lead me in the right direction.

I'm not at all afraid to tear into the gun, in fact I've had it far enough apart to replace all the o-rings already, though I haven't gotten a rebuild kit yet, so if there's something you think I should go check, just let me know and I'll get there and take some pics if it helps.

The current state/symptoms as best as I can describe:
  • When I air up the gun, it seems to set the sear just fine, trigger has approximately 1/16" free play, though I had to shorten the rod a bit, it had NO play at all when I got the gun
  • Usually when I air it up, the first few shots sound good, and it will even RT for 5-10 rounds maybe, and then it seems to just "puke".... bolt moves but very little air pressure coming out of the barrel, and sometimes it won't reset the sear after one of those "halfass" cycles.
  • The above performance is achieved only with the velocity adjuster cranked all the way in, where I do not get any air leak out the back like I would expect according to the manual. If i degas the gun and re-air it up, I can sometimes get a bit of leaking out the rear, but it usually quits pretty quickly. Again this whole time I only occasionally can get it to fire where it feels like it's pushing enough air to actually fire a paintball out the barrel.

The one variable I can't tell you at the moment, and for all I know could be 100% of my problems at this point... I am not sure what output pressure my tank is. It's a Pure Energy 50/4500, which I'm pretty sure is preset to 850psi...I know it's not really a high end reg on there, is it possible i need to just try a Ninja SHP or something or should the Pure Energy be sufficient, even if not ideal.
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