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77 monteballer-For sure there are some noticeable rough spots in the picture. it was taken with my brother's cheap camera, which is also his truck. I looked for the picture but i couldn’t find it. i have over 3000 picture on my hard driver some are photo shopped with the original and some of it is the sport action mode i.e. for "off the break."

did you blur the leafs of the tree?

in the left lower corner of the picture the tree is killing the view to the other side. i wish i could see that. however that bridge gives the feeling of length. 8/10 be cool to see it at night as well.

This is Houston Texas, its inside the Astros stadium, it shows the seating, in mid picture (red bricks) is the old train stationed use as a sports shop, tickets, main offices, and a roof top party area. Past that is what i believe is a government building but not sure. taken with a sony cydershot 14.1mp. a lot of history in this photo

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