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Originally Posted by Folken View Post
Replacement parts aren't made anymore are they? I bought it off eBay and it's like new. Guy fired maybe 20 rounds through it then stashed it in his closet till recently. Valves and seals look to be in great shape.
As the grip assembly is the same as the Crosman 357 .177 Pellet Airgun (just the barrel assembly and cylinder are unique to the 3357), you can still get internal replacement parts direct from Crosman (the newer 357 Pellet Gun does have a hogue style grip, so the frame itself is different, but most of the internal parts are the same) .

I buy all of my parts the do the rebuilds (except for the ball detent in the 3357 cylinder), directly from Crosman (1-800-724-7486), for US shipping, they only charge $4 on any size order.
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