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Azodin Kaos Blue/Silver F/S/T

No Lowballing it's pretty low as it is.
Stupidity will be ignored
Pictures may be requested if need be
No PM's unless we are trading paypal info or you tell me to check the thread, although you can only tell me to check the thread, not negotiation on PM. Although it's not stated in the Mcarterbrown rules, I would like to have something posted public, making sure others can see so I don't get scammed.
I'm not shipping first unless you have a clean feedback (i.e., +2/0/-0),
or at least +1 with 0 negative (i.e., +2/2/-0).
This is also posted on TechPB, explaining the pictures with TechPB on them.
PayPal preferred.

Marker: Azodin Kaos
Year: 2011
Condition: 8/10 cosmetically, scratches on bolt and annodizing rubbing off in the breech. Scratches on Trigger guard, from allen keys unscrewing the grip-frame. 10/10 Mechanically, relubed striker.
Color: Blue/Silver
Upgrades: Bone-stock
Known Problems: detent screws may be stripped, although they held up fine for an entire day of rough play.
What is Included: Gun, Stock barrel, 2 extra detents, extra o-rings, OG barrel sock and box with all OG foam inserts.
Asking Price: $80 Shipped Firm
Trades of Interest:
Freak Jr. Barrel Kit/Barrel Kit in general
Azodin Single Trigger frame you add
eFlexes BNIB. If we make a deal with eFlexes, you get next day priority shipping at no extra cost.

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