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Dye I4 - Empire E-Vents

Found a y-framed minimag im in love with, gotta pay the bills though. In the past I put a wall of text in my sale ads, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

SOLD! Lucky 7 Hardgoods T8.1 First Strike Mag Extension, LNIB. Never been used.
The T8 hasn't seen a ton of use lately, and I really want that mag. Still has the original manual, only removed from the packaging to show off and take pretty photos. It DOES work with FS rounds. $60. T8.1 mag only shown for demonstration, not included.

Dye I4, seen the field a few times. Foam is in good condition, lens has a few scratches here and there. Nothing major, or distracting though. Has an agg-tastic "Hopperz Paintball" strap. Looking for something like 60$, plus shipping.

Empire E-Vents, in the same colour as the I4's. About the same description, except that the top strip of foam is missing on these. Still wearable, and not uncomfortable in my opinion. Full disclosure is good though. Looking for $50.

Thanks, Smith.

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