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s5 deal?

So I picked up a s5 yesterday from craigslist. This guy got the gun new and immediately picked up and installed an eblade 2 system on it. He could never get it to fire correctly. He was explaining all the adjustments on the eblade he was doing and couldn't get it always shoot under rapid fire. I gave him 200 bucks, took it home, up'ed the lpr gave the hammer lug an 1/8th turn set it factory medium and boom, a perfectly firing e2'd s5 with less the 15,000 cycles. Thats a good deal right. Couple quick questions for you guys, serial number is s5 2594 a, what feedneck do I need (don't need a tall one anymore) and does ccm still have parts to fix these things since its out production. Also can I still get a ccm trigger frame since the mechanical trigger frame he gave me with it was a wgp. Thx
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