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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Actually, that credit goes to Tom Kaye and Airgun Designs.

Gear History 1981-2000 See 1992 for reference points.

None of this has anything to do with Tiberius Arms buying out GA though (some irony there). Maybe if all this is to be rehashed again another thread should be created so this one may remain on topic?
I said directly attributed. I didn't say that he started it, or was the first person to do it. I know that Tom Kaye is pretty much the originator of HPA for paintball. But look at the two companies listed, PMS/Nitroduck and Air America. Actually, I know that the Fred Schultz Signature Series specifically, and most likely at least one other, are based specifically off of the Automag valve.

I wouldn't have anything to do with GA for a while, but that was due to YSN Imports. Now, with Tiberius in charge, I am open again to them. Or at the very least, up to giving them another chance. But I have to admit from my own "experiments", Ninja has the most consistent reg out there, with no decay until you hit 1000 PSI in the bottle (Not sure about the SHP reg though).
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