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sometimes when older angels have been not used for a really long time the battery drains into what i like to call oblivion mode. even if you plug it into the charger it does a weird thing with the screen where it kind of turns on the light, but does not diplay anything, then turn off again. if you play with it (plug it in and unplug it) you can usually get it to actually boot up properly. remember that for the angel to charge the switch must be in the on position. what seems to work for me most of the time is have the switch off, plug the charger in, turn the switch on. when the board does the weird cycle thing, unplug the charger but leave the switch on, wait a couple secs, then plug the charger back in. at this point it seems to boot up. sometimes i have to turn the switch off then back on again.

either way, the battery is pretty much on its way out and youll notice it wont hold a charge as well anymore.

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