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Don't know if I belong in here but I was poking around the aka threads because the time is here that an excalibur joins my collection. Anyway, for me that magical gun (besides whatever is the newest in my collection haha) has got to go to my shoebox shocker. Got it when they first came out, saved a long time to buy it and was the only person to have one at my field. It rocked my world, it was so smooth accurate and never broke down. Still to this day the gun that has gotten me the most hits.

So I took a ten year break from paintball and when I got back in my shoebox was in my closet waiting for me. Time and age has helped me in one respect. Money, I can now afford a few more toys than I could back then, which is why my gun collection has grown by 5 in the last year (soon to be six, c'mon excal) but that shoebox will always be in my bag, I have updated her a bit and still use her on occasion. She is still everything I remember and more than enough firepower to shoot up these kids with their latest fads. And still the only one I have ever seen in my area! Some guns just fit.
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