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Midwest Pump League, any interest?

Looking to set something up for next year if there's enough solid interest... who would be willing to do a limited paint pump league with maybe 4-6 cities? I'm thinking Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Kansas City, or anything in between or even outside the area by a little. Would there be enough players and teams interested, as well as fields in each city willing to host events?

The idea is one event per city with a running point total crowning a series champion. Ideally, it would be a pre-pay series, meaning that you buy into the whole series from the start and send your team to each event. I'd like for this to be moderately priced to help offset the cost of travel.

All money would go toward profits for the fields and individual event trophies, plus a trophy for the series champion. I know some of you play on sponsored teams. This might be an opportunity for your sponsors to get involved as well, possibly with additional prizes, publicity, etc.

I think in order to pull this off we would need at least 8 teams willing to play in all events, and maybe open up registration to individual events for teams that can't travel.

Thoughts? Opinions? Criticisms? I'd love to do this, and I know there's interest out there, but for whatever reason we don't have something here in the midwest offering up a series similar to what's happening in other parts of the country.
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