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Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
Wagyu makes Kobe seem like Black Angus.
Kobe is Wagyu.

Wagyu is just a type of cattle. Kobe beef is a trademark of a Japanese company and, when enforced properly, means that the beef is from a particular breed of Wagyu (Tajima-ushi) cattle that has been raised, fed, butchered and processed in a particular way in a particular place.

Think of it as the champagne of beef. The name is frequently applied incorrectly (accidentally or on purpose) in places where the Japanese enforcement of their trademark is absent.

Real Kobe beef isn't frozen, is rarely shipped outside of Japan and can't currently be legally imported to the United States. 99.9% (that's hyperbole on my part, but you get the idea) of the "Kobe" beef in the US... isn't.

Forbes has a pretty good article about it: Food's Biggest Scam: The Great Kobe Beef Lie - Forbes
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