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it's not likely that you would have been running full tilt through the woods with five fingers on. I certainly would not- maybe you guys have different style woods than here, but there is so much deadfall and places where thin trees and brush are cut down. Too much crap to wear footwear that is going to take my attention in order to not hurt my feet. For woodsball I just wear old sneakers. This allows me to run full tilt over brush, logs, branches, up walls (well ok not so much) without much worry about bad foot placement or random debris.

Which is another thing I worry about when off trail wearing five fingers. The land around me is agricultural, what is not being farmed now was actively farmed within the last century. There is lots of old barbed wire fences laying under the soil just waiting for my nearly bare foot to come across a washout. I hate anything that requires a tetanus shot...
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