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Ats custom build. Sc pp-19 mkii

I am a bad person, I know.

Why would anyone want to change the awesome power of an ATS?

Because I feel it has some drawbacks. The forward loaders have to be jiggled to feed and the mags are a handful when they arent working right. I decided to make a monster that had only the lightweight and full auto perks of an ATS with none of the drawbacks.

I decided to do the unthinkable. Send your hate mail here.

I am not alone. I have sought out the help of a new friend to help me in my quest.

CHE$HIR3 has been a huge help on this journey, despite us living in separate countries he has provided much needed idea bounce as well as insight and tech support gained from his own incredible mods. He even helped by buying some things from me to aid my progress financially (keep an eye out for his soon to be project). I suggest you check him out here or on X7og aswell.
Galil ACE Phenom (Project Jaguar)

He continues to help me and is an awesome guy. Please dont hurt him, he was only trying to help me....

Chapter ONE


And Stripped down a bit

Here is the mock up of what I am aiming for, this will change as things progress, but I am making a MODERN style pp-19. This is a first draft of what I envision...
CHE$H mocked it up on the <a class="inlineAdmedialink" href="#">computer</a>.

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