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Things that make you go WTF...

So I finally got out to a field today to stretch my legs. I took the Phantom and the Smart Mag. A few games with each, climaxing with the mag. This is the first time I've used the mag at a field for a long time, and first with the level 10 kit.

First game went great. I fell in love all over again with the mag. There was an uh-oh moment in the second game though. First couple of shots and I ran out of air... until I turned the air back on. Whoops. Then a few shots go down the field and chuff. Chuff. CHUFF. Oh crap. Pause for a few seconds, and 1 good shot then chuff and chuff. Well I played 2 games like that. 1 good shot then nothing. Maybe a few feet if anything coming out at all. Tank is full and I oiled it before I left this morning. Weird. When I got off the field, I tried to tear it down. Took the barrel out and then tried the valve assembly. The thumbscrew came out but the valve would not twist or come out at all.

I finally just got to check it out now. This time the valve came out just fine but I found the outer edge of the bolt tip chewed/knicked up. WTF? I found out that my wire barrel detent broke and was causing all of the problems. The bolt is knicked now but it doesn't affect operation at all. I just never had this happen or heard of it happening. Anyone else?
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