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Don't understand. It's $95 for Case + Entry at an Indoor Field.
The paint is guaranteed to be high quality

Now, I think $95 per case is a lot... but I've seen local fields charge $85. Every year when I come to the pump game at High Velocity in Long Island it's that price - and last time we got such absolute dimpled soggy crap it nearly ruined the day. Only saving grace was we didn't need more than half a case each.

You're not paying for it to "test" it for them. They have internal testing for that. You're paying to be among the first to try a new product, and have a day of paintball.

Some people might even monetize that opportunity, by producing review content for their websites.

I'm also in the "I'll believe it when I see it" phase, but I don't see anything unreasonable about the above announcement. It's about time. I hope to see reviews.

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