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Originally Posted by B-Dazl View Post
They have maid some VERY bold claims about this stuff... And then, to charge $95 a case to "test" this stuff out for them?!?!? I call shenanigans!!

This is the paint that will turn the paint market up-side-down?? The PERFECT paint?? The new paint that will put all the other paint companies out of business??

Personally, I'm to the "I'll believe it when I see it" phase with Hydrotec... And so far, I'm VERY unimpressed with what I have seen from the in the last 2 years that they have been going around saying this stuff...

Yeah, they have some flashy videos (that could have EASILY been staged) and some bold claims... Now to see if they can back any of it up...

$95 a case for "test" batches... Not looking so hot :P

Remember. "Perfect Circle" Was suppose to be the paint that would put everyone out of business. Instead, the police now use it as Pepper balls.

I wish Tom Kaye would have released this stuff for market.

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