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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
But is shelf life a factor for 1 day's play as a player? As a field owner, I understand that is a big selling point to purchase the paint but as a player im indifferent. I just want paint that performs at a reasonable price.

In this economy a 3 handle on the cost of paint would price the rec-folks / birthday crowd / other out. Im either going to play less or stop playing at that price point.
See, you say this as if you're under the assumption that the paint the field is giving you just got there that morning... Many times (especially at places like Skirmish) you could be getting a case that's been sitting around in storage for months...

I'm with CJ on the notion that dimple-less paint is a great thing that I'd be willing to pay for. But it's only something I'd be willing to pay a premium for once it's been proven... I'm not going to pay top dollar for a case of beta-test.
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