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Dye i4, Ninja 68/45, Pants, Packs, Pods

What's up guys,
I got some stuff to get rid of here. I accept Paypal for payment, and shipping will be USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for most items. Prices are OBO, and include shipping within the U.S. unless otherwise stated, like on certain small/cheaper items. If you are serious about an item and want to see more pictures or have questions, feel free to ask. More will be added. More pictures here:

I have two Rotors here, both are V3 and both are in absolutely excellent condition with no damage or problems. The Dyecam was used once and the Black was used a couple times. I'm looking to trade one of them for a Z2 in similar condition. Big plus if it has the Empire speedfeed and lid. I'm looking more for a trade, so the prices will reflect that, but are OBO and shipped in the U.S. If you have a Z2 in similar condition and want to work out a deal, let me know!

Black = Sold!
Dyecam = $135 OBO shipped in the U.S.

Paintball DVD's: Dynasty Dysected 2, XSV Hellweek, Traumahead '06 San Diego, Traumahead '06 Commander's Cup. All are in good condition. $9 each, plus shipping. USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelope or small flat rate box with Delivery Confirmation would be just about $6.

Dye Rotor Color kit in White: SOLD!

Two 14" UL tips: $25 shipped for the gloss black, $45 shipped for the Dyecam. Dyecam tip is in excellent shape/barely used. Gloss black is used and shows tip wear, and has light scratching outside/inside. Still very useable and does'nt affect it's performance since it's a tip.

Dye i4 with two extra lenses- $70 shipped in the U.S. - Mask itself is in really good condition, foam is in excellent shape, and the lense pictured on it is new with the protective plastic film still on the inside. Includes an extra HD lense and Smoke lense. Both used, some minor scratching but still very useable. Includes Mask with new HD lense installed, mask bag, extra HD and smoke lense.

Dye C6 Pants Size Large- $40 shipped in the U.S. - Used but in great shape. Very little wear. No rips, holes or stains.

(NXe pack is sold! Spyder still available for $8 plus shipping)
Packs- One Spyder 4 pod pack and one cheaper version 3+4 Nxe pack. $30 shipped for both together. Both in great shape, no rips/tears. If purchased I can include some extra pods I have laying around. Will include as many as can fit in the box together with the packs.

Fox Dirtpaw gloves. Size XXXL - $15 shipped in the U.S. - Good shape, no holes.

V35 Halo with ripdrive- $35 shipped in the U.S. - Fully functioning, minor wear, no cracks or damage. Has speedfeed and S4 drivecone.

5 Dye Locklid pods- $20 shipped in the U.S.

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