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As long as I don't find another in the couch or hidden under something I am around 35.

Probably 20+ working
Probably 7+- that need work
and 3 perpetual projects

There are a few I just cant remember whats going on with them anymore. I am downsizing, I am going to be dropping that number to about 10 very soon, I need the money for a new mountain bike.

5 Autocockers
4 Automags
3 Grey Ghosts, 1 is a 2008 the others are older ones
3 Splatmasters
3 VM68's
2 Trracers
2 Spyders
2 68 Specials
2 Tippmann M98's
1 Tippman Prolite
1 Tippman SL68II
1 Sterling
1 WGP Ranger
1 Carter Comp, late 80's
1 Painting Targets Blade Runner
1 F4 Illustrator
1 POS Rap4

and 1 Etek

Edit: forgot that PT pistol thats around here somewhere!
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