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Possibility of someone doing this(re drilling SP8 breach,Cost and time frame?

at some point in the near future I would like to have some work done with a breach of an SP8/Ion..

The idea is not entirely original, I had an idea but not the bigger picture until I came upon a write up on WARPIG as to how to do it..problem is.. I cant do it myself, Id love to think I could manage but I know all to well I would f up more times then not..

The idea is simple, taking an SP8/Ion breach and having it drilled 90 degrees from the original holes for the front grip frame screw and the banjo fittings.

thus making the feed neck stick out the side..

here is the original link
WARPIG - World And Regional Paintball Information Guide

Im sure its a pretty easy thing to do for most of those who tinker with such things on the site, but myself.. I have neither the tools or the real know how to do it properly..

Thanks for your time.
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