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Mini Comp questions!

Hello folks! I'd like to preface this by saying that I've never extensively played pump before. I know a little bit about how pumps work and what not, but not the history or anything behind them. The only pump I've ever owned was a Phantom and that was only for a short while.

I've been browsing BST looking for another Phantom, but I have the opportunity to own a Carter Machine marker. Now the add says it's a Mini Comp, and I think it's a Mini Comp, but there's one thing that makes me question myself. The VAA. I've read that Mini Comps were ONLY BBA. The pump arm attaches to the bolt from the bottom, which why I knew it wasn't a Mini Buzzard. Can you guys verify that it's a Comp, not a Buzzard or something else?

Also, is there anything else I need to know about Carter Machine markers? Any common problems, quirky things I should know? Also, what's the going rate on a Mini Comp? I've looked around and $500 seems to be the usual. Is that correct?

More questions to follow. Thanks
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