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You have to know the concentration, otherwise you cannot dilute to the proper concentration. A shop that sells car batteries should have the proper equipment to measure the concentration, but i'm not sure if they are willing to test pure sulphuric acid. (if that's what your uncle has in the back of his shop)

I'd just get battery acid, that's 37% sulfurlic acid and work from there. The caswell LCD process uses low concentrations, but i'm running at 15% acid now and going great.

As for containers (like you mentioned in the PM) get PP, PE, or PVC containers.

As to cleaning, you really have to be absolutely thorough, any smut on there will show. Between baths, rinse thorough... I have two rinse baths, one dirty, one clean... Stripping aluminum will also get old dye in your rinse bath, same goes for degreasing and after anno... Your rinse baths need to be replaced once in a while with fresh distilled water. Also get a spray bottle, that really works great cleaning the parts between the bath, and rinsing bath. Also a trick i picked up from YT: After degrease, spray some demi water on the degreased part... If it's not properly degreased, it will show.
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