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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Our field had a batch of vmaxes that would chop the hell out of paint, dont know how but it did, no matter which marker you put it on, would chop when you'd run low on paint.
A lot of hoppers can do that these days, when there's no paint to hold a ball down in the breech, it bounces off the bottom of the breech a tiny bit back up into the feedneck. Since it hit to bottom of the breech, the eyes register it and tell the marker to fire, but when the marker fires that ball is halfway out of the breech. My rotor does it on some guns with some paint. Planet Eclipse has the patented "Deftek" feedneck on all their markers that is offset by a few millimeters from the center specifically for this purpose. Seems to work well.

Issues I've seen with the Vmax are the lid, and it couldn't hold a 12 BPS lane. It could do burst of speed up to 20 BPS, but couldn't hold that BPS at all, its constant feed rate wouldn't keep up with standard tourney ramps.

I saw a few Rotors torn open on the MAO webcast... always seem to see more of them fail than the Z2's, but mine always works well. Only saw Houston Heat have to tear open one Spire... not sure if thats a good track record or not.

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