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Under development with MCM is a pistol launcher designed specifically and exclusively for DMAG Launchers. Although capable of holding up to six 18 mm (.68) caliber finned projectiles in its magazine, this pistol is the most compact, less-lethal, pneumatic launcher of its kind.

The body holds a 12 gram disposable CO2 cartridge that powers up to eight shots before needing replacement. Thia pistol is built for high performance. It is highly accurate with a built in regulator that stabilizes muzzle velocity under any weather condition, especially during rapid fire. As well, the pistol frame is made of aircraft aluminum and a tough polymer for the highest durability under rough use.

The pistol is designed to fill a critical gap in the use of force and to provide the safest, most effective less-lethal weapon available today. It will be capable of firing First Strike training rounds, SmartRounds smart bullets, or other d-shaped rounds.
Sounds like terrible efficiency!
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