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4 projects for sale ( promaster, Bko, fs4, B2k ) wants: music gear or camera.


Regular Promaster project: $45.00
Needs barrel, Asa, reg, internal hose, valve screw, bolt, and detents.

photo (21) by ogti9g9, on Flickr

2k3 ( late model ) bko project: $30.00
Needs a lot of hardware, but has full electronic setup and main body parts as well as internals, will possibly need a new ram. Will need barrel and Asa.

photo (22) by ogti9g9, on Flickr

Fs4 Freestyle project: $70.00
Works here and there, I think it just needs a new lpr. All stock.

photo (15) by ogti9g9, on Flickr

Looking to trade for:

recording studio gear
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