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Yes, FD mounts are the really old lenses, and are all manual focus. They can be nice (Used with an adaptor on EOS cameras) but can also be a real pain to focus properly because the modern cameras lack a focusing screen that works well with them. (Some bodies can be upgraded.)

And yes, there were older fully manual EF lenses from my understanding.

EF is the connector type, which projects an image circle for a full frame sensor. It doesn't matter if it was made in the 1980s, or last week, they are all the same mount standard, and should work. (Some of the newest lenses may not function on the oldest bodies for all I know. No clue if they had full backwards compatibility with the newest lens designs.)

EF-S is its related brother that projects an image circle usable only on a crop sensor. (the x1.6 crops, not sure about the 1.3 1D series.)

Manual focus can be annoying to use on modern cameras, especially the smaller crop sensors due to their smaller size and dimmer views. Doesn't matter if they are adapted FD socket, or the few fully manual EF lenses. If you really want to get into them, then consider looking at a manual focus screen for your camera. I've read some of the bodies have fairly decent options for this upgrade.
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