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Originally Posted by CrazyBoy78 View Post
T8's are nice but you need to learn how to load the mags properly. For example, you can't slam the mags into the pistol because the top ball will almost always break; either on the edge of the breech or on the male valve spike thing. Mess either way.

If you've never used a pistol, I'd stick with something like what you've already mentioned (Overlord, ACP or Zeus) just because they're much easier to deal with and still give you good bang for your buck, pardon the pun.

Accuracy will always be an issue because pretty much all of the pistols out there are large bored so if you've only got access to small paint, you're gonna have issues.
I've used both the Tac8 and the typical blowback pistols. In addition to the fixed bore, I also find that the recoil for the typical BB pistols(Overlord, Zeus, ACP) is much greater. Not to mention you can't really do much about the barrel issues (usually their detents suck too). I've never had an issue with reloading the tac8, the clips are rather hefty and the sheer weight locks it in without slamming. Beware of hand size though, these gun grips are not small, it's not the typical .45 frame like the BBs.

My verdict: Shell out the extra $60 for a used tac8 (I see them around floatin for $200 most of the time). It'll be better in the long run and you'll lose less if you decide to dump it for something cheaper. Not to mention, if you keep the tac8, there's all sorts of fun stuff for the tac8s around.

Or take a look into a tac9 if anything, a good deal might even beat out the tac8.
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