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PMI 1 leak

So I sold one recently, never having played with it. Buyer got it, and this last weekend, decided to shoot it to try it out:

The first 12 gram I put in made a sort of a gurgling sound, I got around 15 shots off before it was empty. The second sealed fine, but I only shot it once before it just vented the whole 12 gram. Both 12ies also got stuck in the tube, it took quite a lot of effort to get them out.
His words directly. Any ideas what it is? I am thinking that it may be a seal down below, considering that it sat for however many years (The owner that I picked it up from bought it new, used it a year or two, then decided to sell it off around a year ago, when I got it from him), and probably needs new seals. But what seals specifically, based upon what he said?
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