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Originally Posted by matrix1 View Post
Sorry to here how the event was run ..But the NPPL should have stayed dead years ago. It had it's problems then and still does. To many "Chiefs". You guys did your best, And the reason you felt the "second class" is because PUMP doen't bring in the paint sales that the semi's do. But everyone of the staff of the NPPL started at pump times I have played against Chuck back in the day when he was capt.of the Black Diamonds. So maybe they should all take a step back and remember where the game started.Once again you guys did excellent! and left with Dignity and Pride. As no team semi or pump should have to feel that way. Without any of us there wouldn't be a NPPL League.

Sorry that kinda turned into a rant.
Thanks man, I or we appreciate your feedback. I've known how the NPPL was however last year Greif and us got treated like gold and maybe I was niave to think that would have 2yrs in a row. However we learned our lesson and won't be playing any NPPL's for a while. I talked to Chuch at length and he and his Hendschmen team was suppose to play (which would have been cool) however he said the Sharks team complained about favoritism and bias calls in there favor. So he said they decided not to play anymore.
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