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Originally Posted by russc View Post
And the old login still works. I spent some quality time there in the pump section a few years ago.
Russc - have you posted that video of you first strike sniping at SuperGame on MCB?? You should! That was great! Wish I would have known you were there... It would have been cool to meet you... I seem to remember seeing FS rounds flying out of the trees over there! Really great work bro!

Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
Just wanted to chime in with a thumbs up for Ken Crane at Spec Ops.
I received a pretty poorly executed custom vest from a previous Spec Ops dude quite a while back, sent it back to be fixed and got it back a few weeks later. It was still awful so I wrote it off as a loss and hung it in the closet never to be used. This year I finally got around to contacting Spec Ops again to try resolve the issues. Ken replied and told me to send it back and he would take care of it. He stepped up and completely remade the vest with better materials and construction details as well as adding some really nice extras. A very positive experience after being pretty frustrated with those guys. I wish them well.
Good to hear you had a positive experience with them, Yoda... My friends MOATI and Tyler Tiberius, as well as myself, all got screwed over by those guys (with Ken doing the dirty work for the REAL owner) through the sale and afterward.... Surprised actually, that they could even sew a vest... They had no sewing staff that had ever done ANY tactical soft goods... MOATI must have trained some people before he got booted...
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