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ive played against this guy at my local field. I only Use pistols, dont get me wrong he throws paint like no other but its paintball; being a pistol guy im use to it. In all the games we played he prolly shot 1000X time more paint then me but I dont believe I ever got bonus balled. Ive been bonus balled way more by "rentals" then I have some of the more experienced players.

yea there is always that douche who shoots you a couple of times.
Hell if im mid range I double tap with my pistol all the time and get dual goggle shots.
Do I do it on purpose.. no but it happens.

ive got a video of one of our games loading atm.
Youll see him throwing ropes.. then when I get out(yea I get out go figure) I only got shot once and if I recall correctly he shot me in my pistol youll see the video.. the ending is quick tho :-p

hes behind the far back right bunker

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