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Project sale. Complete guns and parts.

Prices are in USD. Shipping is not included in price. Open to offers.

Avenger Technologies Shadow
-brown anno with muzzle break, has some marks

pre2k slab bodied autococker with parts lot
-currently set up as a straight pull bolt action

parts on gun
-cci t stock
-pachmyer grips
-benchmark slider frame with brass trigger shoe
-12 gram changer
-unknown barrel
-camo pneu shroad with hole cut in the front for rock adjustment knob
-cheap long eye relief scout scope from ebay 2-7 mag by 32mm. Mounted on a home brew riser. Made out of weaver rail and pellet gun scope mounts. One of the scope rings mounting screws is stripped and need replacing.

parts lot
-full set of palmers pnues, quickswitch is in parts and needs rebuilding
-origonal black and stainless pump rods
-palmers stabillizer reg
-stainless barrel
-original beaver tail modified to work with the benchmark frame.
-original trigger frame with internals, no grips (not pictured)
-misc. seals, springs, 3 way hose

Stuffy built long barrel kp tubes
-nickel plated
-custom valve guide, which you must use in this gun standard valve guide will not work
-slotted kp3 hammer
-12 gram push rod
-kp pump handle (not pictured), has some finish on it would look better polished
-palmers muzzle break
-G&H customs kp bolt, is not threaded for pump rod

I had this assembled completely but the parts have been swapped back to my kp2. As I have three long barreled sheridans now. This one is up for parts. The nickel plating is very thin. The edges of the chamber inside have flaked and scratched the aluminum bolt. It has been smoothed out but there are marks on the bolt.

AT Shadow- $100
Slab body with parts- $200
long barrel- sold

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