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I lost my mounting plate for my manfrotto tripod, so I've been subbing in a huge, old video tripod in the meantime Works, but it's bulky. *Gets on eBay to order a new plate*

Saving up for the new Canon speedlight with the radio trigger. One or two more big gigs and I'll probably have the cash to drop on one
I'm willing to bet you already know this, but keep in mind manfrotto has two or three plate styles, so remember to double check which one you need and what you're ordering.

I ended up ordering a 7D last week, and so I'm just waiting for it to arrive. So guess we get to share in excitement of new expensive stuff.

Also picked up a manfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand for a series of shoots I want to do for a roller derby team before next season. More compromise in the mechanics of the stand than what I really want, but sadly that the budget didn't leave a huge number of options for what I could play with.

Still need to play with my light plan and figure out my modifiers. Hoping I can get the quality of light I want out of simple large card stock bounces. Don't want the light too soft as they're derby girls and I want to keep some harshness in the mix, and want to control spread for more of a low-key style. So should be a fun shoot. Just need to get a location to do it in, seeing as all the rings are switching to ice starting in the next week or so, and we're losing all our space.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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