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I think a tournament marker from '95 would include an 88 ci HPA bottle or larger.

I agree, old Smart Parts stuff is allowed on vintage mags. Revvy's too.

Unfortunately, it's the old clunky parts that kept RT and classic mags lingering while the emags got more high dollar play. Any RT-type valve, a Rotor, and a ninja reg will build up into anything you want except stock class (I may get there). Hell, I have to watch my classic EP mag now, since I didn't put a cap on the rof and it will go over 13(.3?) bps.

I remember wondering into Brad Q's shop here in Houston around that time. I had no idea what had been going on in the previous few years. I saw the $1000-$1500 price tags on the custom cockers and staggered out.

We still have an SHO cocker or two running around the local fields. Idk the time frame for those.
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