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Invert mini/Rotor issue

I have an Ion that I got a new Rotor for last week. The Ion has worked fine with a Fasta on it. The rotor works fine on the Ion to (on a single fire mode-basic board).

I just purchased a clean Invert Mini (used 1 yr) and tested last night. The Rotor appears to be not feeding after every trigger pull via ramp mode. Currently set on ramping mode. When I stick my finger in the feedneck (Rotor removed, no air) I can squeeze the trigger and the marker appears to be firing fine.

Anyone seen this issue before ? We did replace the Mini's battery so its not that. The regulator seems to be set for ~280 (might have been 220 I cant remember). I am assuming the chrono is at 220 for Tempe Paintball (an indoor field here in AZ) as this marker was used there allot by PO. Could the batteries on the Rotor be suspect ( 1 of the 3 AA's were brand new, 2 unknown voltage) ?


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