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What's the problem of using the same plastic as the Rotor, except a few extra cents for material costs?
The problem is that they are trying to include lifetime into the product's design - and that time cannot exceed 2-3 years.

Plastic can be made to not age (vs. sunlight), and not break from self-weight falling. Without intentional smashing, or landing on top of it on a dive, a good piece of plastic can surpass it's owner.
The makers of most low-mid level loaders clearly don't want their products to be passed down from generation to generation. Before the Rotor, that wasn't even a selling point for high-end.

The part about sanding it down? It's not accidental. They are not "n00bs" they are insiders, they know this stuff - they know you do it and void warranty and break it earlier.
They want you to buy one each season and feel good about yourself.
Filling up landfills with disposable products is obviously a "small" and acceptable price to pay for steady profits.

Why bother making reliable and reasonable products, like, for example 100 and 150 round 10bps loaders for rentals and limited paint players - and why simplify designs to keep price and maintenance low?
Why try to grow the market when you can just milk all the fat-cat wallet warriors and drop the third-rate leftovers on the budget baller?
It worked well so far - carry on!

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