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Announcing the Desert Edge GEO 3

Introducing the exclusive first edition of the Desert Edge GEO by Planet Eclipse.

Desert Edge is pleased to announce the release of a limited edition DE GEO 3 from Planet Eclipse. This private label marker features all the advanced features of the all new GEO 3 and some particularly stunning graphics by Desert Edge. The quality and improvement of the graphics alone demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to constant improvement by Planet Eclipse. Of course, the improvements of the new GEO 3 are more than cosmetic. The all new solenoid valve, cure ST2 bolt, and bolt speed controls are just some of the features that make this GEO more efficient and reliable than ever before.

The DE GEO is preceded by three consecutive Desert Edge editions of the EGO and represents a long partnership with Planet Eclipse. Desert Edge is grateful to Planet Eclipse for not only providing the best equipment in the industry, but also for the many years of unwavering support and encouragement. Desert Edge is a proud member of the Eclipse Emortal Army.

Post a reply, let us know what you think. We try to come up with designs that are somewhat pleasing to the masses. Apparently, we think the masses are all in to death and stuff, lol.

To see exclusive, close-up photos of the new DE GEO 3 Like us on Facebook:
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