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2.1 speaker suggestions

Currently the wife and I are using an old set of 2.1 computer speakers as our stereo system. We hook up our iPods and computer to the line in when we want to listen to music or stream video. I currently have a Bluetooth reciever on the way as well to make this solution wireless. We are not huge audiophiles, but we do like the level of sound quality offered with the inclusion of a subwoofer.

These speakers are OLD though. They came with my family's first home computer we bought back in 95 or so on our 100 MHz 512 mb ram computer, if you turn up the bass too much there is definite crackling.

So I'm looking to replace and looking for suggestions on some high quality speakers. By quality I'm more looking for durability rather than sound quality. As stated above, the addition of a sub alone is enough for me, I'm looking more for computer speakers that will last another close to 20 years. Multiple input jacks is preferable, but not required.

As usual, I'm a cheap bastard, so suggestions below $100 are preferable, but I'm willing to pay for something that will last.


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