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well i believe i just found my first glitched gun with a few friends, finshed the quest where you find clothes for the robot and he gave us both a gun. Mine did 48damage with a 3000% damage multiplyer on it. Also, these were PISTOLS

His did around 4600 damage with the same 3000% damage multiplyer along with a 1200 round clip size, i grabbed a few screenshots of the stats.
After we got ahold of these things all hell broke loose, game rubberbanding everywhere, inventorry not working right, enemies not even showing up on the screen. Though put the guns away and the game works fine, it was odd.

Also on the money thing, spending 10-20k in one hit is nothing, i'll go all the way down to no money and within 30 minutes be back up to 30k or so without actually farming for cash, and that's around level 30 or so.

ALso using the naggy sniper rifle that complains at you when you crit or reload, made the mistake of going down while in beserk mode with that gun in one hand, holy hell, the voice was suddenly on ALLLLLL my guns, even resetting the game didnt work, ended up putting my entire inventory away play a misson and come back to get them.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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