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Originally Posted by Demonio View Post
it's totally my bad. I just came out with the date and had to work it around practice's World Cup and a few other things. On top of moving (just dug my stuff out this past weekend for pump day this past sunday it was totally barried under other stuff - less organized than usual.. ugh....) I've had some other major things take up my time since the last pump day too. My observational skills have just been off the last month. I do check the So.Cal section that you put together but didn't before I picked the date this time (saturday night). I do aplogize, didn't mean to do it that way. I'm just glad it wasn't the exact same day.
Never a problem, Manny. I was only bummed because I know our events have a lot of crossover so it's unfortunate when they're close together. On the upside, this is the perfect timing for you to do an airball day so people can get in a mixed weekend! Airball generally means shorter games, no walk, and somewhere to sit so it works out being the Sunday. To be totally honest, I'd be doing both if my wife wasn't ready to pop - "A Day of Crustaceans" will probably be the last time I play for a few months as it is.

I want to add your game to the planning thread. Would you rather I link to the MCB thread or the TPG one?
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