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WOW! JUST WOW! I have no idea whats it worth now days, I passed on one 6 years ago for 60.00 and found out latter it was worth a HECK of a lot more..I would pay 200.00 in a heart beat. I know 2 people that own them and would not even consider selling ...
This was posted here in 2008 Can anyone tell me what this is?

Ebay, camocow200 (1290) + 100% positive feedback
darr_musi (330) + 100% Positive Feedback
MCB (330) + 100% positive feedback

I would love to sell you the Trigger for 5.00 but,
Shipping is 2.60,Ebay gets .50 ,Paypal gets .75 ,Padded Envelope .15 and i end up with 1.00. I'd much rather send you a 1.00 and not have to go the hassle.

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