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The problem with the bearings is an easy fix, what I have done in the past is use a spacer in between the bearings but with the last order I glued the bearings in and they were centred but what I think has happened is when the envelope has gone through the sorting office at USPS the rollers which move the envelopes along at great speed has broken the glue seal and caused the bearing to be moved in. I will put the spacer back in again and this will sort that out.
And I am sorry that I missed the leaked epoxy that was on the trigger it wont happen again, I have been doing all the legals for the sell of my house and purchase of the new one the past couple of weeks and have been so business its not funny but this is not an excuse and it will be fixed .
I will be sending you a $10 refund for the trouble this has put you through so it will make the trigger even more enjoyable

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